The Concept

The “Escape the room” craze has been sweeping the nation.  Read up on why we jumped in, and what sets us apart.

People seek the immersion of being a part of a real life ‘life-or-death’ scenario.  Our group of professionals, who also happen to be seasoned Live Action Roleplayers, wanted to take the idea of the Escape the Room game to the next level.

We have created a Playscape that represents a small corner of a luxury liner.  The set is designed to create the feel of being ‘on board’ a spaceship, from the rumble of the engines, to the lights and props.  It’s easy to create an office, a little harder to make you feel like you are “in space”.

The little touches you will see range from the custom-built chairs, to the control panels and even the signage on the ship.  We strive to present an immersive experience, something that will give you and your friends an incredible experience, and a memory you’ll talk about.